opening paragraph

whew. I’m almost done with the paper. here is the setup:


This research paper compares Robert Frank and his book The Americans to Emmet Gowin and his book Photographs. The theme that will be explored is the concept of family and the influence of that concept on their work.  I will be examining Frank’s photographic interpretation of his larger adopted American family and Gowin’s photographs of his wife and her family.

Robert Frank’s point of view was that of an outsider looking in.  Born in Switzerland and naturalized in the United States, Frank traveled the United States seeking, not only to escape Nazi persecution in Europe, but to gain success as an artist.  He had been working in commercial photography in Switzerland and, according to Frank, was “influenced by the standards of perfection in graphics and photography.”  Experience in advertising gave him a strong sense of aesthetics as well as a vast working knowledge of the technical aspects of camera operation. (Greenbough pg. 9)   Another important skill Frank perfected in Switzerland was taught to him by an advertising photographer, Michael Wolgesinger.   It was the technique of printing 2 1/4 contact prints of his negatives. Wolfensinger showed him how to glue the contacts on cards and group them by subject and theme; this provided a valuable method of evaluating the photographs and weighing their relative strength, significance, and relationship.  (pg. 11)  This technique would influence and assist him as he struggled to sequence, logically and emotionally, 83 images he selected out of 28,000 for his publication

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