The Atlanta Church Project

Grace Tabernacle and Macedonia Baptist Churches, Hosea Williams Blvd., Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Church Project or Glory Be Revival of Neighborly Love documents three small and overwhelmingly black community churches. I focused on the ongoing and rapidly gentrified Kirkwood, Reynoldstown & Cabbagetown neighborhoods. These areas run roughly from Hosea Williams Drive, starting at Candler Road and ending in Cabbagetown.

I began imagining the project as I rode my bike through these areas. I noticed that there are dozens of small churches. It was not unusual for there to be as many as 6 or 7 within blocks of each other. Why? What is the difference between churches there? How much alike were they?

I photographed over 50 churches, created a google map, and filmed three churches’ services. Click here for a program of the art show at Georgia State University. 

Glory Be Revival of Neighborly Love from Calvin Burgamy on Vimeo.

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